Peter Pan: The Early Years

When little Wendy was first born, Nana was apprehensive at the beginning, until someone explained to her that “nursemaid” was just an expression.

Via Reddit.



  1. Nana’s looking very “You’re not going to leave me ALONE with this thing, are you?!”

  2. Pup: “What is the world is this little thing and what is that smell ??”

  3. This is adorable! I love it!

  4. OMgoodness. Adorable.

  5. No big huge pupehs tag? Look at the size of that toe bean! Toe boulder?

  6. @Haha: Tag added! Good call!

  7. Get. It. Off. Me. Right. Now. Before. It. Starts. Pulling. My. Fur. In. Its. Lethal. Grip. Thank. Dog. I’m. Not. Wearing. Glasses.

  8. This is above and beyond the call of cute.

  9. The expression on the pupper’s face is priceless but take a look at that bebbeh. It’s like she knows she’s got the most awesome friend in the whole entire world. Lucky, lucky kid.