Chunk’s Back, And He Brought His Bed With Him

We first met Chunk earlier this week, negotiating the stairs for the first time. He doesn’t have nearly that kinda problem with his new bed.



  1. Chunk is completely, utterly adorable!!! I just wonder a bit why such a Chunk of masculinity has a PINK bed? Won’t his friends make fun of him?? But he is such a darling puppy, and probably colorblind anyway!

  2. I think he likes it.

  3. Chunk is a honey bun!

  4. I. Am. Bouncing. On. Umm out of. MY BED!

  5. “LOOOVE CHUUUNK!” – Sloth in The Goonies

  6. Real puppeh, or battery-operated bouncy toy? I’m not so sure now.

  7. @Sabrina Rose The bed looks off white to me. He’s so cute and wrinkly.

  8. The last 5 seconds – LOLOL!