Meet Becky & Bandit

Er, that might be Bandit on the right. These guys are Bat-Eared Foxes.

As the ZooBorns story goes, a local farmer found them on his ranch. He had been building a dam on his property- the dam collapsed and they were found floating in the water.

He couldn’t locate their mum, or their den…

…so he brought ’em to the Cango Wildlife Ranch, Oudtshoorn, South Africa…

..where they are doing well!

Photos by Cango Wildlife Ranch.



  1. Adorable when young and…a bit discombobulating when older. A cross between a fruitbat, a fennec fox and a hyena???

  2. btw, I’ll take two.

  3. So cute! I want to hug them so bad.

  4. Give those two some termite treats asap.

  5. They look like they need hugs in the 5th picture.

  6. very nice

  7. They look so cute but so wild. I’m glad the farmer decided to take them to the wildlife ranch instead of keeping them. Although, I wouldn’t blame him for getting in a cuddle or two in first.

  8. JenDayan: ditto

  9. This is a time for the word PROSH.

  10. Look at those smug faces. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing to us. If that man hadn’t handed them over, they would’ve hypnotized him into signing over his entire farm while fanning them with palm fronds & whipping them up some pina coladas in a blender.

  11. Another animal I never would have heard of if it weren’t for CO. I can’t say they’re as cute as fennec foxes or desert cats or red pandas or quokkas . . . but they’re pretty darn cute. @ Kelly, I think the fruit bat, fennec fox, and hyena also crossed with a Siamese cat. For color, dontcha know.