Dumptruck & Porkchop Present: The 12 Days O’ Christmas

I nearly snorted meelk out my nose when I saw the names of these little maniacs. The leetle hands…the leetle feet! [*Note- Now bring me some Figgy Pudding, darn it. -Ed.]

FAVE FRAME™: Dumptruck gets a dumptruck. Of course he does.

(Bored Panda.)



  1. I’ll admit I’m not much for rodents, even round, fluffy ones. But this was just way too cute. I loved when they built the snowman!

  2. That was ham-tastic! *applauding pawsies* My favorite frames were of Dumptruck eating the Xmas tree and all the tocks (ham-ketsu?) views when he was crawling into the boxes. This video was pretty much 12 days of zen-like nibbling. I wish I were as calm during the holidays.

  3. Adorable!

  4. I’m subscribed to this channel on youtube. I can’t get enough of Dumptruck and Porkchop cute-tasity!

  5. This was so hilarious! I loved Tobogganing, so I had to go watch the whole video for that day. And It’s so funny how they are almost always eating in every frame!

  6. Oh, man, that was fantastic. The backwards ‘decorating’ is brilliant (oops, I didn’t give anything away there, did I?). And somebody is the Maru of hamsters, with all that accomplished box-jumping and -tipping.