Caturday Night: “Hey Honey, Have You Seen My Christmas Tie?”

“Oh, I just laid it out for you on the dresser. Isn’t it right there? Hurry up- we’re going to be late. And feed the kitty.” (Reddit.)



  1. Gorgeous eyes — almost enough to distract you from that awful toupee…

  2. Christina Vigil says:

    Does the tie distract from the “watch battery” cat-mas tree?

  3. WaldenPond says:

    That is one handsome puddish with one awful tie. 😀

  4. AWW 😀 That kitty does not mind wearing that tie 😀

  5. Give me a break!!! That is one DAPPER dude.

  6. Major muzzlepouche!

  7. Jasper's hoomin says:

    My, what a handsome kitty! Very dignified.

  8. What every distinguished cat is wearing this season.