The Nose Is Cold, But The Heart Is Warm

[Update 12:05pm PT: Pam is our winner with The Nose Is Cold, But The Heart Is Warm, the very last comment we received! We thank you all for taking time to write! And we have ONE more set of C.O. Calendars to give away- one week from today, Christmas Eve. Be here….Aloha. -Ed.]

Hey, Christmas Eve is one week from today! You absolutely MIGHT get these in time to put ’em under the tree! Or just hang ’em both right up- your call! Anyway, you know the score here. Write up your best headline for this photo, down in the comments section. You have ’til Noon PT! (And of course, if you need to order them in bulk, Amazon can help.)

(Sender-Inner Info: “I’m enjoying all the Christmas pictures on your site. I thought I would send some of Maxwell, my Jack Russell Terrier. He got some mistletoe this year! Ilona M., Albuquerque, NM.”)



  1. Close Encounters of the Cute Kind

  2. Kiss me you fool!

  3. I am SO ready for the office Christmas party this year!

  4. Come on come on! I am waiting for that kiss. Why do you think I am wearing this mistletoe!

  5. Shut Up and Kiss Me!

  6. Did you really need the mistletoe to know I need kisses?

  7. Kiss Max in New Mex

  8. Greta Clark says:

    Do you think THIS face needs mistletoe?

  9. I don’t have any clever captions, but what a handsome little man!

    I got my CO calendar a few weeks ago from Amazon and it’s great! (I didn’t open the shrink wrap b/c it’s a gift, but the pix on the back are adorable, esp. the baby heffalump). 😀

  10. Liana Thompson says:

    Kisses made fresh daily!

  11. Come on, you know you wanna!

  12. MAXimum Cute!!

  13. Cari Sullivan says:

    Merry Kiss-Max

  14. Ricky's Mom says:


  15. Pucker Up!

  16. Mobile Mistletoe Kissing Station

  17. The mistletoe is more of a warning. I’m a kiss machine year round.

  18. Eye nose Mistletoes means snuggling! Merry Christmas!

  19. Ana and Cleo says:

    Does this mean I can kiss everyone?

  20. VICKI GANDER says:


  21. There’s nose place like home for the holidays!

  22. Wanna kiss!?

  23. Sshhh! Don’t tell the Grinch where I ams

  24. Does this mistletoe make my nose look big?

  25. Instant mistletoe, just add slobber.

  26. Go ahead, make my day!

  27. Even the Grinch wasn’t this stingy with dressing up his dog. Seriously, I’m cute enough for real mistletoe.

  28. Look deep into my eyes…….ssmmooch!😗😙

  29. Dawn McClure says:

    I’m sitting pretty waiting for Santa Paws 🙂

  30. januaryfarmer says:

    Isabella. Would you like to go with me?

  31. That’s not mistletoe, that dog is a uni!

  32. Athos' Slave says:

    Pow! Right between the kisser!

  33. This will get me kisses from Everyone!!

  34. Teresa in TN says:

    I can has Christmas kisses NOW?!

  35. Warning! I only do French kisses!

  36. “Oh ho the mistletoe Hung where you can see, somebody waits for you kiss him once for me!” Oh forget that I’m commin over myself that pups too cute!!!

  37. “This isn’t working. The other dogs keep kissing my butt instead.”

  38. The mistletoe is redundant

  39. I weared the thing now give me some ham!

  40. “ all are staring at me as if I have a mistletoe on my head!!”

  41. Resistance is futile. Now give me a kiss!

  42. Pucker Up, Butterpup

  43. “No tongues…” (said in Maxwell’s best Madeline Kahn voice.)

  44. Just Gravy says:

    That toad didn’t have mistletoe and you kissed him.

  45. Smooches gracias!

  46. Merry Kissmass!

  47. After months of trying to seduce the poodle next door, Maxwell takes matters into his own paws.

  48. If only all mistletoe had a guaranteed cutie underneath it!

  49. Kees me, you fool.

  50. HannahGrant says:

    Canine kisses and Warm wishes!

  51. Merry Maxmas! Your gift of smooches is here!

  52. Muchas Smooches, Por Favor

  53. Kiss Me, You Furry, Fuzzy Fool

  54. A Pooch, Mooching Smooches

  55. Dude! This thing is a chick magnet! I’ve been getting kisses ALL NIGHT! It’s amazing!

  56. Kissmas is coming!

  57. The nose is cold, but the heart is warm.