Hi Mr. Nudibranch (The Sequel)

Harken back to March of 2013- we introduced you to Mr. Nudibranch! Now, in December of 2014- thanks to Carly of The Featured Creature, we’ve got Mr. Nudibranch (The Sequel.) She says this is actually a “Leaf Sheep Nudibranch.” Well, of course I knew that. Learn more right here. The above photo is by Lynn Wu.


  1. The universe is just fooling with us at this point. “Let’s really freak them out with this one.”

  2. How do you raise them? I must have some, NOW.

  3. It’s so cute and colorful, I love sea creatures… squeeee

  4. I love sheepsies and nudibranches are so cool. So now we have a Leaf Sheep Nudibranch. I feel like this animal was just made for me!

  5. I feel the urge to form an alternative jazz band and call it Leaf Sheep Nudibranch…..

  6. It looks like a real life Sandra Boynton critter!

  7. He says “I was a Nudibranch. Then I got dressed and I’m a Stylish-branch.”

  8. I was just scrolling down the page, thinking “Woah… Mr Nudibranch looks like a tiny wee sheep…. a sheep made of leaves,” and then I find that marine biologists got there before me. Either they lack imagination or I’m a natural at this ocean sciences lark.

  9. It’s got rosy little cheeks! Mama Nature is just playing with us now.

  10. This! is! Awesome!

  11. Is it just me, or does this nudibranch look like a cow as it would be drawn by Gary Larson? (PS. I LOVE nudibranches!)

  12. It’s not called a leaf sheep, that’s just what the writer of that article is calling it. But it sure is cute!

  13. petless in Puddletown says:

    Nudibranchs! Nudibranchs! Oi! Oi! Oi!

  14. This is cute! You of course meant to say Squeequel.