Moral: Never Mess with Mom

(Oh, this is prank going to be epic! Mom totally can’t see me, so I’ll just sneak up behind her really slow, and then when she least expects it, I’ll pinch her on the OW OW OW OW OK I’M SORRY LEGGO MY NOSE!)


Via Maren Vollman.



  1. *snicker* *dies laughing*

  2. Ha ha ha! This is hysterical!! The expression on that mother’s face says it all. And look at her powerful fist! That kid is lucky he’s not being served a knuckle sandwich!!

  3. Proof that mothers’ eyes in the backs of their heads have been present in our evolutionary tree for a LOOOOONG time.

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    Kala: “I’m your mother; I know everything!

  5. NTMTOM you slay me with your narrative. 🙂

  6. A new variant on the Offhand Backhand. Your move, Rafiki.