Bunday: Sir William Naughty McGrumplebun

“Yes, that’s his name,” says Sender-Inner Sharon I. “Here we have Sir William Naughty McGrumplebun (aka Billy) doing his best impression of a hipster–check out that green mustache!! He’s about 6 years old with one brown eye and one blue eye! I rescued him after his family surrendered him at a high-kill shelter here in Memphis, TN. I also have a rescued dog named Pippin and another rabbit, Nutmeg, who I rescued 7 years ago. Thanks for always making my day Cute!”



  1. a bit brimley he is, too. Yeah for Funday Bunday!

  2. That green stache is killing me.

  3. OMG OMG!!! YAY!!! That’s my Billybun!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you deemed him worthy of Sunday Bunday!!! He’s such a grumpy little guy and loves to push me around by boxing and nipping. But as his (unworthy) slave, I bow to the ultimate power of teh Qte he holds over me–sharon

  4. I love when bunnies are named with proper British titles. It seems quite appropriate. Sir William is a rather handsome chap!

  5. Sharon I’m glad you rescued Billy from that awful place! 🙂 If you have to surrender your pet, why would you leave it at a high kill shelter? The previous owners do not seem very caring to do something like that. 😦

  6. My (late) bunny was white and whenever she ate lettuce or carrot her mouth and chest would stain green or orange. I’d joke she needed a bib.

  7. I just want to grab him and cuddle and kiss his furry face, green and all, which would make him grumble. Oh well, one can wish.

  8. ❤ @ Sharon for her rescues!
    Sir McG is ADORABLE.

  9. MisterCake says:

    he looks soft 🙂

  10. Green is the new black! 😆

    Billybun is one very lucky little guy… and deservedly so. I agree with Rhonda B – if you must surrender a pet, at least give him a fighting chance to find a new home. Sharon is a total rock star!!! 🙂

  11. He…Has…Mutton…Chops! *splode*

  12. Suitably grumpy cause he knows we r all looking at the stache. Love his spikey fluff.

  13. Green leeps

  14. He DOES look very grumpeh…and anerable…and, yes, a little brimley, too! Adorbs! Yea for rescuing! 🙂

  15. gangewifre says:

    Sharon, let’s see some Pippin and Nutmeg too, stat!! 🙂