Caturday Buzz The Fuzz UPDATE!

About four months back we told ya about Buzz The Fuzz– he of the new haircut and new beginning. Now we get an update on Buzz-Meister’s progress!

“I just wanted to share some recent photos and let you know that he is doing great! He has an official website now, opened an Etsy store (all the profits from the store goes to Columbia-Greene Humane Society, the place that rescued him.)”

“Santa photo by Shawn Morgan. The rest of the photos are done by me, Sandra S.”




  1. Isn’t he magnificent! Gorgeous eyes.

    Columbia-Greene, huh? I’m in Berkshire county – we’re practically neighbors!

  2. The Original Jane says:

    Thank you for the update! He’s so gorgeous and what a beautiful filled out fur coat. He should be the new Fancy Feast spokescat.

  3. Wow! He’s looking gorgeous!

  4. What an amazing cat–so utterly beautiful!

  5. What a handsome man, just stunning.

  6. Buzz is absolutely gorgeous!! My cats would be jealous if they saw him

  7. What a beautiful cat — and look at that ruff! As everyone’s saying, gorgeous, with lovely fur coat. Good on you for adopting him!

  8. He looks like a painting in that one with Santa-just ethereal.

  9. AWW 😀 Buzz has certainly shown just how handsome he is 😀

  10. Such a handsome fluff, and he looks so content.

  11. You could get lost in those baby blues… The Robert Redford of cats!

  12. emmberrann says:

    What everybody is saying about Buzz. That. Is. All.

  13. Thank goodness you found each other.

  14. I love a happy ending! Buzz is one glorious kitty! 😀

  15. The photographer’s Facebook TONS MORE CUTE PIX OF ANIMALS WITH SANTA!