♬ “Na Na Na Na Na Na, My Fiona” ♬

Who else but C.O. could smoosh together a Kitteh, a Christmas Tree photo, and “The Knack?”

“This is Fiona in the middle of our Christmas Tree….again. She’s still a baby at 22 months so we’re cutting her some slack. And she’s blasted Cute. Photo taken by my husband. Happy Holidays, Lisa H.”



  1. Doesn’t look like Fiona is doing much damage though.*


  2. That tree’s in jeopardy 😀

  3. Christmas angel …

  4. Fiona, you are the best ornament – great pic!

  5. Jasper's hoomin says:

    A beautiful photo suitable for a Christmas card!

  6. I think pretty Fiona is admiring her reflection in the Christmas tree ornament! Love the name, BTW!

  7. AWW 😀 I hope that you and your husband have many long and happy years with dear sweet Fiona, Lisa H. 😀