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Top Ten Cutest Photos Of 2014!


It’s already time for the OFFICIAL Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Photos of 2014. As in year’s past, we stuffed all of the year’s data into a vintage Apple II computer, and these are the results! Yeah, there’s more than ten photos here- some posts had multiple images, dig? Thank you to all our Peeps who sent photos in during the year. (Have a photo you’d like to send in? Here’s all you need to do. One week from today- our Top Ten Cutest Videos.)

#10 Cutest Photo of 2014:
And a Puppy New Year to everyone!

We hope everyone got home safe and sound last night. While it’s still a little early in the US (yawn) it’s time to get back to work with some…Dog Shaming! Great way to kick off 2014!

Photos from

#9 Cutest Photo of 2014:
This Is My “No, I DIDN’T Like That” Look, OK?

We think we’re doing them a favor by giving them a bath, with all sorts of warm soapy water, baby talk, (Now who’s the snookums wookums? YOU are), gently toweling them off, and such.

This is a crucial error on our part. The eventual payback is looming, and either we’re gonna get it, or the curtains will.

[Yes, this has the “Impending Doom” tag. -Ed.]

From The Panda Of Boredom.

#8 Cutest Photo of 2014:
Caturday: My, Milo! What BEEG EYES U Have!

“This is Milo, he’s a rescue we adopted from McHenry Animal Outreach almost four years ago. In this picture he is playing one of our cats favorite games, making the bed. He really hopes you pick him to be a part of Cute Overload!” -Jessica M.

#7 Cutest Photo of 2014:
Happiness IS A Warm Puppeh

Is THIS one of THE PROSHEST faces EVER? Yes. Yes, it is.

Spotted this little maniac on Arbroath. Their headline is “Groucho Barx.” I really wanted to swipe use their headline- sometimes you just can’t improve on that kinda greatness.

#6 Cutest Photo of 2014:
Just Another Quokka Monday, Whoa-Oh

We thought you would like to start the week totally discombobulated. Once you see these… will be.


We’ve featured Quokkas a time or two. Quokkas are a small marsupial native to a small corner of southwestern Australia.

Submitter Nancy K. says “Ooohhh, so cute it will burn your eyes out.”

Southwestern Australia, eh? I am leaving for there later today.

Charging the Quantas airfare to Meg. Gotta do what I gotta do.

Gonna meet me some Quokkas, I am.

Title inspired by The Bangles. Will file dispatches from Down Under as time permits.

#5 Cutest Photo of 2014:
Rats! It’s A Teddy Bear Thing

Several years ago, two women decided to start taking photos of Little Ratsos holding Teddy Bears. As Bored Panda notes, they went viral again a few days ago.

And why not?

#4 Cutest Photo of 2014:
He’s Gotcha Right Where He Wants Ya

You can’t resist, so just give up now. Not as messy.

Spotted on Statigram.

#3 Cutest Photo of 2014:
Dogs & Cats Living Together…Mass Hysteria!

Photographer Bert Jonkhans took these terrific shots of Hessel The Labrador Retriever and Hannes The Cat at their home in The Netherlands.

Submitted by Hilary K. as seen on

#2 Cutest Photo of 2014:
OK, Time To Break The Interwebs

THIS JUST IN from Dual Cuteporters Tracey M. and Erin D. This female pup (#681) was found September 30th, on Coastways Beach in Northern California between the San Mateo and Santa Cruz county line. WARNING: This is SO Cute- you should be sitting down. If you fall over from The Cute and smack yer head- not our fault. OK- proceed.

She is now at the Shedd Aquarium after a month-long stay at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Quoting ABC7, “On arrival at Monterey Bay Aquarium, ‘681’ weighed 1.0kg..”

“…which is tiny for a newborn sea otter, and she had been separated from mom for at least 16 hours,” said Karl Mayer, Animal Care Coordinator for the Sea Otter Program.

“This meant it was critical that we begin to get calories into her as quickly as possible.”

Photos from KGO-ABC7 in San Francisco.

#1 Cutest photo of 2014:
Hamster. In A Very Small Sweater.

Roll up the InterTubes and go home. That’s all there is for today. Thanks for coming. Drive safely.

June T. sent this in, and we are forever in her debt.

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