A Tense Moment

With focused determination, Hector stared down the mysterious stranger, his gaze barely lifting from the round yellow object of his heart’s desire. A minute passed. Then another. And another. The interloper scarcely moved as it jealously guarded its prize, but Hector remained resolute. His moment would come. Oh yes…it would come.


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  1. I honestly want to see how this ends. You have a gift there NTMTOM.

  2. Wait .. I think the ‘white’ pup blinked ..

  3. I need new glasses because for a few seconds I though “Gee, what kind of dog is the white one? It sure has unusual ears.”.
    Yep, new glasses and a beach vacation are needed STAT. 😀

  4. His time would come at 35 degrees Fahrenheit and not one minute before that. Loved the link!!

  5. That one guy seems cold as ice but my money is on the furry one. He’s got steely eyes and I don’t see him folding under the pressure.