Time For A Shammy (OMG Ponies!!11!1!1) Whammy

Quite possibly The Cutest OMG Pony we’ve EVER seen. Click the video right this very second. Yeah, you should be working on something at your desk…but..it’s SOOO Cute…




  1. A living,breathing My Little Pony!

  2. Such a sweet pony and what a wonderful bond between hoomin and animal!

  3. can we come visit Shammy?

  4. doomchild says:

    Ouch, wouldn’t want to nap with Shammy… I can imagine what it feels like when he starts kicking/running in his sleep 😀

  5. So, is Shammy bred to be so little? If so why would she bred an animal that will be in pain and die young?

  6. Casey (and Ezra and Nudnik) says:

    Keri –

    Shammy is a miniature horse that inherited and expressed the gene for dwarfism:
    “A miniature horse with dwarfism gene. He will always be tiny. There are 4 types of dwarfism in mini horses. Shammys dwarf traits are: undershot jaw, short neck, nostrils on top of nose, breathing issues, crooked legs.” (from his Facebook)
    So mini horses are supposed to be mini, but not *that* mini or (adorably) deformed.

    It’s always a risk when doing a lot of intensive (in)breeding, particularly when selecting for size-related traits. I always think of the preponderance of conditions suffered by Great Danes, for example; they tend to really have short life spans and are prone to many problems that come from getting so big so quickly. Indeed, “why” is a good question to always be asking when we breed animals…

  7. like Lil’ Sebastian from Parks and Rec