We also get another terrific look at Mugumogu’s surgically clean home. Just think how much she spends on Swiffers.



  1. Do they sell that couch at Petco in the cat supply aisle? Ultimate cat toy. 😃

  2. I think Maru’s tail is her Swiffer >:3

  3. I woz just thinking the sofa’s looking like it needs a leetle re-springing; it looks a leetle saggy. Not surprising with the size of that chappy running all over it.

  4. weaselwardancer says:

    Maru is declawed!!?? What about Hana?

  5. @ weaselwardancer
    Maru has claws and Mugumogu trims them (without screaming, crying, or bloodshed no less)

    It could be that Maru just has really soft paws, or Mugumogu has somehow managed to train him not to claw the furniture, or possibly she has started using those plastic claw caps…but I think it is the same Magic that keeps the house spot free…

  6. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    It looked like both Maru and Hana were having kind of a low-energy day. Maru was very “ho-hum, I guess I’ll attempt to shred the sofa.” And when they were playing, it was like watching them in slow motion. Maybe too much catnip?

  7. In Japan even the cats behave well … Look, there is a plant, completely uneaten. And the way they play with each other is so gentle and adorable. Mine are trying to kill each other on a regular basis and in the most noisy manner possible. And they are eating like pigs, even if I cleaned my place twice a day it would never ever be this CLEAN. I could go on about my destroyed chair and broken glas and all the cables they chew on. And somehow it seems that Hana and Maru just don’t do things like those. Japanese magic, people. It must be.

  8. Hanna playing hard to get.

  9. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love Mauu’s front-paw-dangling, back-leg-falling-off-the-sofa-arm bit at the end…

  10. At :33 it looks like Maru is doing this:

  11. Maru is a super fat cat and is hard to handle but Hanah is starting to get some size to her. I noticed some rabbit kicking going on under the sofa and that is a very cute fighting style!

  12. SAA1451, thanks for posting that pic of Maru’s variegated jelly and beans! I didn’t know he had that!

  13. This is why they call it FURniture.

  14. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    @rocky, I protest! Maru is NOT overweight. He’s a large tom cat with thick, luxuriant fur, an indication of good health. These are what overweight cats look like: and

  15. AWW 😆 Looks like Maru and Hana are having fun 😆

  16. Hana runs circles around the circle.

  17. warm-and-fuzzy is right. Maru is not fat; he is cobby-bodied.