I Shall Guard this Ball With My Life

This is MY BALL and it belongs to me and it is mine and also I own it and you may not take MY BALL from me and I shall maintain a vigilant watch on MY BALL at all times to protect MY BALL from zombies and ghosts and evil bunny slippers and…


“He fell asleep with the ball in his mouth,” explains Redditor iBleeedorange.


  1. The interwebz are now officially closed. We have finally seen the Cutest Thing on the Planet so there is no reason to continue. Whoever is last to leave, please turn off the lights.

  2. Really Mike? You can’t just say here’s a cute puppy? Instead we get a story that would equal something from Tim Burton, complete with bunny slippers?

    We need a NTMTOM Coffee Table tag

  3. Did anyone else read that in the voice of Mojo Jojo?

  4. And so he shall have the ball for as long as he wants. This is so funny and cute!

  5. That pup is dog tired.

  6. Hey look Mom I caught it I win oh zzzzzzzzzz

  7. erikainhb says:

    Awwww! Ball in the mouth…belleh you want to snorgle…and..look at those paws he’s going to grow in to. Cutest!!!!

  8. @muppet2171, yes: “1 is the correct net of tennis ball in my mouth, 2 is obviously wrong, 3 would be 2 too many, and 4 would be ridiculous…”

  9. all of the above. the end.

  10. Happiness is a warm tennis ball.

  11. Stops the drooling..?

  12. grytlappar says:

    AND folded down paws.

  13. Soft muzzle, prosh paws and belleh ready to snorgle. The perfect puppeh. ❤

  14. Merijane Bacon says:

    …the sleep of the cute…