BATS! It’s Monday!

With Lil’ Drac on hiatus, leave it to Adam at the Wakaleo Animal Channel to hit us up with some Bonkers Bebeh Bat Burritos.


mid shot row

[*Note: We’ve got another pair of C.O. Calendars to give away..coming up at the top of next hour…stand by! -Ed.]



  1. LunaChickFringe says:

    GAH! The sleepy bottle feedings! I’m DED!!!!!

  2. That is so darned cute it made me CRY !!!! I want to take care of them too. Those dear little MAMMEL faces. Those unbelievable wings ! Wow!

  3. OMG…. a baby bat with a binky!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I like the one who has his binky in crooked like he’s smoking a cigar.

  5. My favorite one is the one with the face. DAWWW

  6. OMG! the little smile at the end! 😀

  7. Baaaaaats!

  8. Bat Wrapping 101. They look like little tacos. I love how gentle the lady’s hands are. You can see how much practice she has had. She’s a Batgrandma for sure. I agree with all the comments. Don’t forget the chirping. So cute when they are lined up ready to feed. Just wrap and fold. Lol

  9. Babybat : ” NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa .. me err BatBabie”

  10. AAAhhh!! Bat burritos!
    The leetle stretchy handses! The leetle whiffly noses!


  11. OK so I made the mistake of clicking on the link to the right so I could see more bebeh bat burritos and now I have the deds. Whatever you do, don’t click on the link.

  12. Vanessa! I clicked. 1/2 hour of bat baby videos. Taking nap now. As they say: Cute Overload

  13. Ok, what could be cuter than baby bat burritos? Or baby bat burritos with binkies? Well, apparently Rescute baby bat babies with binkies, being burped and buzzing taking communal nappings.

  14. I want to dedicate my life to these bats. Slight problem of living in the wrong hemisphere. And having a day job. And stupid bills to pay. And lots of other pups/hedgies/piglets to dedicate my life to as well. Bah.

    P.S. Ded.

  15. Sharon Wilson says:

    Bebeh bats have too-big feets, just like bebeh birdehs!

  16. So,so,so, so, so, so, so, muche cute I splorted all ober.

  17. BatBlaster says:

    You should put the bats tag on this so I know where to look for adorable flying foxes

  18. I almost cried watching this. From the loving, gentle hands of that wonderful bat lady to the sweet, sweet little bebbeh bat faces so full of trust… it’s almost too much for me to handle. ❤

  19. Keepin mi toesie’s warm! Oops, one’s got out.

  20. Cynthia M says:

    Aww, I teared up! They are so sweet. Glad they have a loving Grandma!

  21. They squirm, they breep, they have feengers, they’re wrapped up like little burritos with binkies — I am ded now!

  22. Christine O says:

    Shiny little eyes, dearest, sweetest little faces, most adorable little baby round tummies!! Thank you Bat Rescue people! Your videos have educated us all!

  23. Sweet little bat burritos and a loving bat-gramma…. kerplunk…