Ya Know, I Can Swing On This All…Day…Long

[And then once in awhile, I’ll jump down and climb on top of your head! Whadya’ say ’bout that!]

And, well, just because it fits the theme-



  1. Many Bountiful Blessings of Love and Hope, Peace and Joy fill your day, whether you celebrate the holiday or are simply Thankful.

  2. Great, one of my kittehs watched this and now wants that new minkey toy to play with… 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving to both in the US for the official holiday and globally for all CO peeps! You are all awesome. ❤

  3. That is one energetic monkey in that first video!

  4. Love the “kiss, kiss” at 1:55!

  5. Who do I got to pay-off to get hands for feet?

  6. WaldenPond says:

    That is the beginning of one fantastic flying trapeze act taking shape.

  7. AWW 😀 Looks like the kitty and the little monkey having a lot of fun playing together 😀

  8. What kind of pig is that? I think I’ve seen one like that at a zoo somewhere…

  9. That last video makes me laugh so hard every time I see it 😀