Well, We Were Going to the Park…

… but now it looks like we’re stuck in park instead.


Via Reddit.



  1. Careful .. I don’t think Drool in the shifter is covered under warranty.

  2. love it

  3. Is that a #38 there too?

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Teh belleh!!!

  5. Shift work can be exhausting.

  6. Oakley wins the internet again.

  7. Curved belleh and stubbular legs!!!

    I have found my spirit animal.

  8. So that’s how the smooshie face was invented???

  9. I’m not sure anything can get cuter than this…

    And while none of you can hear or see me, I am bowing to Oakley right now.

  10. Pretty cute…..pret-teh cute!

  11. Lol Juno! Me too: a napping animal with fat round bellah. My two most noted characteristics!

  12. My car came with a cup holder but now I want one with a puppeh holder…and a puppeh.

  13. @Doug: True story, I spilled a small amount of coffee on the area around the base of the automatic transmission lever, and for agonizing moments my car began shifting gears on its own. I had to pull over and wait for it to dry. Scary!

  14. And how many of us would just sit in that car all day with him like this, for fear of waking him up from his cute sleep pose?

  15. @ Faye: Ah, yes, the napping too, of course!

  16. Thank heavens they don’t have manual transmission

  17. me t’inks this is stubbular puppeh post-park 😉

  18. oh, and this is the best meaning of “park it” ever.

  19. @sugimoto…yep! 🙂 What a little, pudgy doll!

  20. “Plotz” – See picture above.

  21. The belleh and the paw!!!

  22. Bulldogmommy13 says:

    Seriously? Resistance to the power of an English Bulldog’s perfection is futile. I know of what I speak & they’re all rescues 🙂