Pygmy Marmoset Alert!!

[Pre-Emptive Nuffer Disclaimer: This little dude is a resident of the Rare Species Conservatory Foundationnot a pet in someone’s home. -Ed.]

Rule of Cuteness #45 says, “Any animal with the word ‘pygmy’ in it is Cute.”

Make it so, Number One.

Concord Paul & Barb, who have their umbrella out.


  1. Trying to resist . . . trying . . . trying . . . OH IT’S NO GOOD I GOTTA DO IT

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    Everything is better with the Marmoset Song.

    *scrapes up exploded-from-the-cute brains*

  3. I agree with the man in the video (who is clearly Men of C.O. material). She is ridiculously cute. Too bad some people can’t get pass the cuteness and realize these little ones are not good pets. I got exhausted just looking at Nininta moving around in the video. I can’t imagine how much time has to go into, not only her care, but her socialization. It seems like a full time job.

  4. That massage video chilled me out so much, I just want to lay down and get a toothbrush massage myself!

  5. Absolutely precious! The Cute just was overwhe…..*dead*

  6. @Juno, thank you!!! As if watching that tiny soul stealer wasn’t enough. I will never look at my toothbrush the same way again. 🙂

  7. I did a behavior watch shift on pygmy marmosets at the National Zoo. They had two speeds, probably to baffle predators: reaaaally slow, and (zip)…. where’d it go?

  8. It’s been impossible for me to see a picture of or hear the word marmoset without thinking of that song for years now. Thanks, CO-Land! :p
    Ninita is so prosh! Come here, and I’ll give you the luxury, electric-toothbrush massage.

  9. I know it’s totally wrong, but I want one so bad…. Wrong! BAD human! No biscuit! (But the cuuuute….)

  10. Oh, god, and just as I was joking about that, I ran across an internet ad for a baby marmoset for sale. So sad, poor terrified little baby…. It’s going to take me days to get that out of my head….

  11. Just to be clear,

    Does she like her toothbrush?

  12. My boy kitty does that same “don’t forget this spot” head tilt when I brush him — then when He is through being brushed, he also attacks his brush with a vengeance.
    I know for sure that boy kitty likes being brushed because all I have to do is touch his brush and he comes running, loudly demanding to be brushed RIGHT NOW! So, I would say based on the closed-eye head-tilt action–Ninita definitely appreciates a good toothbrushing.

  13. So, if someone is concerned about rare and endangered species being kept as pets they’re a nuffer?

  14. I’m not saying I would ever buy a marmoset as a pet. Clearly, that would be selfish and wrong. I’m just saying that if – IF – a tiny bebeh pygmy marmoset came to my door, maybe with his/her possessions in a tiny little red spotted handkerchief, I would be duty-bound to take that marmoset in and allow myself to be scampered upon. I just want any marmosets reading this to know that. I have toothbrushes and everything.

  15. agreed thribb, it would be a crime to not allow him or her entry and provide not only yourself but anything else they desired for scampering upon. perhaps co devotees should put a small mark on their doors at marmoset height to let them know where they can find toothbrush massages and scamperable humans…