Caught In The (Bunday) Act!

(Say like Kirk:) [If I…can…just…get…this…a little closer…GOTCHA!]

“The banana bandit, Sir Lancelot (aka Lance) caught in the act.” -Amy K.

*Bonus Bongo Feet Added by Stunbunneh request.



  1. It’s a BUN-nana! 😀

  2. Sir Lacelot is dismissed from the Sort-of Round Table when he refuses to stop playing with Excalibanana.

  3. Love this .gif – and would love to see what happened next!

  4. Needed a bun like this to finish off the browning banana I found at the bottom of my fruit basket.

  5. I agree, Deb! The fans demand to know!

  6. Once again… YOINK! Followed by bunny bongo feet.

  7. Oh, you want Bongo Feet? We can do that.

  8. I was never a big bunny fan, but since cuteoverload I’m starting to change my mind 😀

  9. Hey, that’s my grand bunneh! Lance is a real sweetheart and doesn’t always realize he’s a bunneh. . He’s not afraid of new things, is more social than many, will follow my daughter around her place and doesn’t care when her friends bring over their pets. Loves to visit our home but my bunneh isn’t crazy about him being around, so we have to keep them separated.

  10. It’s a minion in a bunny suit!!

  11. Perfection, Amy K!

  12. It’s like some sort of Sisyphean hell for bunnies! Just as you think you’ve got the banana, it jumps back up on the table!