Caturday Morning: “I Came Home To Find Daphne Like This”

That was the subject line of Carolyn H.’s email- with the above photo a classic example of Rule Of Cuteness #40: “Sleeping in a sunbeam is Cute.”

[And who are we to argue? It’s our Rule! -Ed.]



  1. Ooo I can feel the rays from here. I bet you snorgled that hot belly! Daphne is a super name. 🙂

  2. good to know someone’s got it right in life… move over Daphne and make room for me…

  3. i’m with lee, a nap in a sunbeam sounds divine right about now. just need to find a sunbeam…

  4. This kitty is in the same position of the cat sleeping in the gutter that came up last week-lol!

  5. Daphne is beautiful and a conniseur of fine napping spots! (Love the name!)

  6. In a sumbeam and beans on the glass, that’s a pretty good way to be found.

  7. Its raining like crazy in Seattle
    I’d prefer a nap in the sun too

  8. Oh Daphne, I adore your rabbity feets and the cute front paws!! And that tummy is just begging for a snorgle. 😀

  9. Both my cats like to sleep like this, but not on the ledge of a window, waiting for me.

  10. AWW :d I hope you have many long and happy years with dear sweet Daphne, Carolyn H. 😀

  11. Awwww, can’t you just hear Daphne sighing, “Life is good”?

  12. Yet Another Laura H says:

    The mere implication of toe beans is cute.

  13. By the growing pine cones on the ground, I’m guessing where in the Southwest? Daphne needs that belly snorgled, now.