TGIF: Dog Tired

[Pooped. Finished. Wiped Out. Spent. Weary. Fatigued. Beat. Exhausted. If you think of any others, LMK. Ruckus OUT.]

“I took this photo last night of my friend’s new puppy, Ruckus. He’s a Mini Aussie and full of the dickens until he fell asleep on my lap. My friend and I would love to see him featured on Cute Overload!” -Maggie D.



  1. Such a cutie. And Ruckus is a great name!

  2. OMgoodness that is too adorable! Great name!

  3. Ruckus is tuckered out.

  4. What a great name and super cute pup!

  5. Ruckus is a honeybun!

  6. He is also knackered, as us quaint Brits like to say.

  7. Some of the best looking beans that I’ve seen on a dog!

  8. Ruckus is our little boy! 8 weeks old in picture. He is a fun loving Ruckus! Love him❤🐶❤