Coincidence? I Think Not!

According to this Redditor, “This cat looks exactly like the pillow her foster mom found, made by an artist who uses pictures of foster cats.” Turns out the pillow is the work of artist Sarah Clark, who offers a few more samples here.




  1. Those matching pulled corners of the mouthes are killing me.

  2. You said it, Kar! And those emerald soul-stealing eyes!

  3. The cat really looks like it’s thinking “HUH??” 😀

  4. haha! …wish I could climb right through the interweb line… :o)

  5. “That pillow haz skert me!”

  6. Uh, Matchinks tag? 😉

  7. @Lerrinus: How right you are! “Matchinks” tag added!

  8. AWW 😀 That is so sweet 😀

  9. Yay! Matchinks! So cute! 😀