Bunneh on Mah Head

Bunneh on mah head, bunneh on mah head,
A-pickin’ an’ a-hoppin’ as I walk the road ahead
I don’t need a mansion, don’t need a lot of bread
Just give me a gee-tar, an’ a bunneh on mah head.


Via Sandip Bhattacharya.



  1. Bun keeps slipping farther back on his head, creating a receding hare-line.

  2. WaldenPond says:

    Bun’s all like, ‘Wait, I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque’.

  3. I’m trying to figure out what the bun on his head is standing on because from the angle of the picture, there doesn’t appear to be much behind them. The one on his shoulder appears to be trying to hold steady.

  4. Head and Shoulder has always been good for the hare.

  5. Well, at least I’m not humming the theme song to Too Many Cooks anymore.

  6. Hilarious …

  7. Oakley and Annette! 🙂

  8. grytlappar says:

    Julie: It’s some kind of (knit?) hat that’s stuffed so it kind of makes a ‘shelf’ or perch for the bunneh to stand on. (Larger pic at link). Pretty bunnies!

  9. All I hear is John Denver’s dulcet tones crooning,
    “Bunneh on my hea-ad makes me Happeeee.”

  10. Bunny whisperer 🙂

  11. Is that a bunneh on your head or are you just happy to see me? 🙂

  12. Inspirational cuteness for the music playin.

  13. Gwizzly Adams says:

    :o) That man sure knows how to woo the wabbits… I’m pretty sure this must be Oregon.

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    WHAT is with all the animals sitting on guitarists lately!?