Make Today A Maru Monday!

I mean, why not? Check out this brand new video from the #1 and #1-A kittehs from Japan!



  1. Now we know what the jail is for – some sort of stove for heating. On Maru’s website and on You Tube, there’s a caption about Maru being calm under the cow. There were lots of “Wha??” comments and I thought, People – have you not seen the cow before? Over at CO, we even figured out it’s a map of the world!

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    “Maru calms down under the cow”
    “Hana continues shaking it”

    I don’t know which is the best headline of 2014.

  3. Hana pretends playing a shamisen!

  4. First clip is my fave >:3
    Maru rolling and using his claws to launch himself from under the sofa, always awesome XD

  5. Maru Monday ? What happened to Rats, It’s Monday ?

  6. This may be their best film yet–laughed so hard I hurt myself. @Alice Shortcake, we think alike.

  7. Jackie Rose says:

    Always love the videos of Maru and Hana – even if mugumogu’s preternaturally clean house does make me feel like I need to be featured on the next episode of extreme hoarders.

  8. AWW 😀 Look like Maru and Hana are having lots of fun 😀

  9. I NEED a capture (i think that’s what you call it) of maru making biscuits, showing his little nose freckle up close! How do I do that?