The Return Of The Merlinator

We thought this yellow schnozzola looked familiar, and indeed, it made (along with the rest of him) an appearance on these pages one year ago. “Hi Cuteologists! Here’s a Nosevember submish from my red-sided Eclectus Parrot, Merlin Birdie (a.k.a. The Merlinator,)” says Susan R.

“He’s been featured on Cute Overload before (and during last Nosevember) but he doesn’t let it go to his head. Around these parts, we think he’s got the most beautiful, candy-corny nose/beak evah!”

All photos (and hover below) by his human servant, Susan (a.k.a Mommeh.)




  1. Well, hello again, handsome Merlin! You’re even adorable with pizza smeared all over your beak.

  2. That’s my boy!!!!!! Thank you, C.O. for using his pictures!!!!!

  3. I’m not a parrot person but Merlin is so very handsome. I can see how well-cared-for he is. Every bit of him is shining and clean. I’m sure he is in charge of your house!

  4. I missed the debut but I’m glad I get to see him now!

  5. I love his coloring (orange being my fave color). He’s a handsome bird and he looks like he rules the roost.

  6. Merlin: AARRRRRRR!! Who’s a pretty bird !! ME – Das Who !

  7. Beautiful! I love his colors and his soulful eyes.

  8. Merlin is so beautiful!

  9. Looks like someone got into the squawkamole!