C.O. Cat Café World Tour: One Night In Bangkok

Today’s stop on the C.O. Cat Café World Tour is in the Far, Far East! First, cue up some MTV 80s:

And now let’s hear from globetrotter Cheryl B. “Hello, another Cat Café for you- the Purr Cat Café Club. We were in Bangkok earlier this year and I insisted we go here. My husband is allergic so we only stayed for an hour, but it was everything you could hope for: tasty human food, adorable cats, and even more adorable patrons.”

Thanks, Cheryl! Have you visited a Cat Café recently? We’d love to hear ’bout it!

Asia 2014 (30)

Asia 2014 (32)

Asia 2014 (42)

Asia 2014 (48)

Asia 2014 (49)

If You Go™:

*Addy: 63 Soi Sukhumvit 53, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlongtunnua, กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110, Thailand. (Map.)
*Hours: Tues to Thur 11am-8pm and Fri to Sun 11am-9pm.
*Call: 02-108-3604, 095-950-4100.
*According to Got Bangkok.com, “Best if you go to BTS Thonglor station, exit 1 and walk straight until you see Suk53, walk about 5-10 minutes down 53 and you’ll see it on the left side.”



  1. Rule 8 STINKS !! I wanta Hold Kitty

  2. Tony James says:

    Well now, this might just be the best news I’ve had all morning! Why, you ask? Well, because in 5 short weeks I shall be in Bangkok – Woo! Yay!

    And I think Rule 6 should be amended to say “Only catfood and cheezbrgrs. Kthxbai.”

  3. Floor blorp kitteh is waaaaay too cute. I thought the point of Cat Cafe’s was to pet and hold kitty’s though? Are you allowed to pet them at all or just appreciate from a cat-approved distance? As if they didn’t ALREADY have a massive superiority complex lol.

  4. OK need to find out how to build, or preferably buy a cat sized spiral staircase.

  5. Looks like heaven. No it’s a cat cafe. Oh it is heaven!

  6. dittos doug

  7. grytlappar says:

    A lot of – I’d say most – cats don’t like to be held (cat sitter for four years), so there’s that. And if they have a steady stream of customers all day picking up the cats, it could be too much for them. Especially with kids who don’t know how to hold them… That rule was underlined with red, they probably had a bad experience… 😮 Or they just really know cats! They originated in Thailand, right? 🙂

    I love that cat cafés have become a thing. Such a fancy one café too! It looks so peaceful… People sitting on the floor and stuff (cat height)… so perfect. I adore the cat stair case. That crazy-elegant cat sauntering down it! Hee.

  8. grytlappar says:

    Also, what a place to work! Now kids can have a second dream job (besides working in an ice cream factory, natch).

  9. I like the ideas of cat cafés and lots of them look really nice, fun, and peaceful in the photos. I went to one cat café in Hong Kong, though, and it was horrible – not for humans, but for the kitties. The whole place was incredibly full, loud, and there was nowhere for the cats to lounge. They had some baskets, but the cats kept being bothered by people, so they were hiding elsewhere – like on a lump of cables in the corner on the floor where people wouldn’t bother them. They looked miserable. It was so upsetting – it makes my heart hurt now, just thinking about it.

    I wonder how many of these cafés limit how many people can be there at once, for the sake of the cats. In these photos the cafés always look half empty, but that’s probably not the case on a regular day. There’s probably no empty sofas for cats to lounge on… or cat tv/window seats where they can observe the outside world in peace. 😦

    Sorry for being depressing, I just worry for the kitties. :/ Does anybody have a better experience than me? (from cat welfare point-of-view, I mean)

  10. AWW 😀 I could not drink that drink with that dear sweet kitty face on it 😀