Nosevember: Now With Even More Boogers Per Post!

Here then, a little (Industrial-Strength) Kleenex™ will set you right, my Blorpy Buddy! From Rockhopper Jen F.’s Flickr page.



  1. WaldenPond says:

    Seriously Blorpy Buddy, I feel your pain. I was like this on my run yesterday and I swear it froze in the same likeness/position. But it was my right eye that was dripping like your left (only difference). 😦

  2. I…am not even sure what this is? A seal? Where is his mouf? Is it in that chubbular roll fold? So confused here lol!

  3. Oh Blorpy Boogers! He’s still a cutie pie.

  4. The first and only time I will find boogers cute! I want so badly to wipe that nosie!

  5. Snotcicles.

  6. Ew.

    Tamara, that’s a Leopard Seal. They have ginormous moufs and are very adept predators.

  7. Sorry bout the nose thing…..I haz cold! 😉