Hi Morgan! Or..Morgan vonPuppyface..Or Mrs. Roper. (?)

All of you who have puppehs or kittehs and have multiple cutesy-poo nicknames for your pet…raise your hands! Get ’em up, there in the back row.


“I wanted to share a photo of our two year old husky, Morgan, or Morgan vonPuppyface but has recently been dubbed the name “Mrs. Roper” (as in, Mrs Roper from Three’s Company.) She is the nosiest neighborhood busybody. And when she’s not all up in their business, she’s in ours. She’s a 60 lb. lapdog so she is frequently sticking her nose into our business to see if she can climb into our laps and get ear skritches. Thanks for letting me share!” -Stacy S.



  1. grytlappar says:

    Such an earnest face. Daww.

    I loff the ears.

  2. Funny story and a cute, funny dog!

  3. Who’s got a cutie snoot?

  4. Love huskies! Beautiful eyes.

  5. The eyes!! She looks like she would be up in my business in a nanosecond. Have fun together!

  6. My new favorite nosey neighbor — previously it was Mrs. Cravitz from Bewitched

  7. Morgan is gorgeous!!! I have many names for my cat Lexi. I call her Lexington, Lexi girl, kitty munchkins, sweet baby girl, miss kitykins, baby, Lexikins, poopy kitty, princess kitty, and when she is bad I bring out the full name Lexington Marie Bingham Godsey! 🙂

  8. I’d be delighted to have the lovely Morgan all up in my bidness. 🙂

    My favorite nicknames for my chihuahua, Lily, are Miss Poopy Pants, Miss Silly Pants, Lili Vanilli, Sweet Potato, Love Monkey, Muppet Baby, Honey Bunches of Oats and Lil’ Mama. When she’s naughty she’s just Lillian. 🙂

  9. For some reason this reminded me of Craig Ferguson!!!