This Fella Could Use A New Name, Too!

Another day, another name needed! First, let’s hear from Taylor V. “Good morning! I have attached a picture of my pet rabbit, (NAME REDACTED.) He has an Instagram account, too. Thank you for your time!”


We wanted you to read her email before we told you what his current name is.


Scroll down.

A little bit more.

Allllmost there.

OK. Here it is.


Can we do better than that in the comments? Oh yes we can!


  1. Cinnabun.

  2. “Gumball” ‘cuz I could just pop him in my mouf!! Deadly precious and cute to the max!!

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:


  4. Biff.

  5. Courtney

  6. taylor voelker says:

    Cinnabun! I love that! 🙂

  7. My first thought was Cinnamon, but Brea’s is better :3

  8. petless in Puddletown says:

    Biscuit. Cinnabun good too!

  9. LunaChickFringe says:

    Finn/Fiona McCool.

  10. Dale Anne Wadleigh says:


  11. Butterscotch was the name that immediately when his cuteness was seen!

  12. As soon as I saw him……Butterscotch!

  13. Caramel Bunniatto

  14. Doreen Heflin says:

    Esther Bunny

  15. Runny Babbit 🙂

  16. Moe! As in Moe’s Southwest Grill!!!!!

  17. Benedict 🙂

  18. Marfmallow

  19. Sir Reginald Bunny Henderson. Reg or Bun for short

  20. Athos' Slave says:

    I propose HopScotch… since bunbuns hop and this one is Butterscotch colored.

  21. Playboy..

    get it Playboy Bunny..I make myself laugh!

  22. I’m feeling “Margarita”

  23. OMG Cinnabun! I’m totally behind that. My first thought was of the best caramel creams in the world: Goetze. Although, I don’t even know how to pronounce it…

  24. Jenny Islander says:

    Prince Chubbycheeks de Noseville.

  25. First thing that popped into my head was “Spice.” Owing to his color, and (perhaps) his personality.

  26. Death because he killed me with his cuteness.

  27. Yebunn. Proshish. Betty Boop (for that nose, of course. it just cries to be *boop*’d) And I second HopScotch!

  28. I love the name Bunny! What’s cuter and cuddlier than “Bunny”? Cutie name for a cutie creature 🙂

  29. how about caramel Frappuccino?

  30. I would call him Sheldon. 🙂

  31. BunBun was my first thought, Cinnabun is awesome too

  32. oooh what a cute little guy. how about “Hasenpfeffer”?

  33. Shirley V. says:

    This little guy looks like a bunny my daughter had…she named him Coco.

  34. HoneyBun

  35. Hazel: Like the brave, loyal bunbun from Watership Down!

  36. Moose.
    Contrast, dontchano.

  37. toborzgrrl says:


  38. I also vote for HopScotch 🙂

  39. When I was a kid we had 3 cats named Mama Cat, Kitty and Kitty Cat, so Bunny seems like a perfectly good name to me. 😆

  40. Claudia S. says:

    Secret Agent Trojan Bun. There’s a dangerous glint in that otherwise sweet little eye!

  41. Pumpkin Puff.

  42. I think that Karma, Nouget, and Captain are all good names for him. Or you could just name him after your favorite Watership Down character.

  43. Peanut

  44. Mr. Iggles.

  45. Saffron

  46. Toki- Korean for rabbit

  47. looks like a ‘Squish’ to me… 🙂

  48. Toffee Chip

  49. @rachel. Simpler times. Very straight forward and practical.

  50. jan wolfe says:


  51. But what if Bunny already knows his name? (I’ve never had a bun. Do buns learn their names and come when called, like dogs? Or do they learn their names and still ignore you, like cats?) If so, and if the name is to be changed, maybe it should be something that sounds similar. Buddy? Buffy? Honey? Sunny? Money?

  52. Waffles

  53. Tater Tot!

  54. Leigh Anne says:

    Buns ignore their names like cats. However, if it was named Banana, it would come when you called it.

  55. Go fancy and foreign – Creme de Bun.

  56. Homer

  57. Nutmeg
    Or Reginald Egbert Charles, Lord Bunniefield

  58. Nancy Davis says:

    I just keep thinking he looks like a Henry. But I like the Prince Cubbycheeks deNoseville too….

  59. Erika in HB says:

    He looks like a Rupert to me.

  60. My bun does indeed know his name…but he gets called Bunbun a lot….his real name is Cabrera BunBuns…I do like Cinnamon for this little guy…or some big tough name like Brutus……

  61. emmberrann says:


  62. Bunnison K. Disapprovington-Smythe.

  63. Butternut
    Killer (haha jk—wait, no I’m not)

  64. animal lover says:

    Have fun naming your bunny!!! I have two their names are Momo and Lollipop!!!

  65. Katiecando says:


  66. Melissa N. says:

    La Sauvage Lapin

  67. Killer Klown says:

    Because if he’s anything like my boys, he’ll always be stretching out somewhere.

  68. Doc Savage

  69. Ottergirl says:


  70. stunbunny says:

    Ragnarok-Bringer of Final Judgement, Harbinger of Bloody Retribution!

  71. Sir Reginald Bunnington. Cheers !

  72. I second “Saffron.”

  73. Nutmeg

  74. Evelina or River Song!

  75. Name him Snorgles or Chuck