It’s Right on the Tip of My, Um, Tasting-Thingy

I can still remember the day we met. She swam by and glanced at me, with a look that was so shy… Well, not shy, really, it was more — what’s the word? — demure. No, bashful… actually, more like coquettish… Flirtatious? Sly? Sneaky-lookish? Hang on, it’ll come to me…


Via Animal Planet. (I know, that’s probably not a koi. Cope with it.)



  1. A cuter snorgle I never have seen.

  2. There’s something fishy going on here…

  3. Looks like puppy love to me.

  4. Carpe diem.

  5. …and thennnnnn….baddaboom!…the hovertext. NTMTOM, I would definitely buy the book!

  6. Dangling paws and floppy, velvety ears! This is just too much!

  7. That’s quite a smooch! Too cute.

  8. Sharon Wilson says:

    Nice caption, Fitz!

  9. Groan, that hovertext.

  10. Beautiful moment…

  11. Actually .. I believe she is a koi .. I’m thinking a Yamabuki Ogon. I have one similar in “Da Pond” and she does that when my
    beagle walks by. The beagle never want to make out thou .. hehe

  12. Koi desu yo! (Translation: “It’s love”, and yes, pun intended)

  13. Mehitabel says:

    Well, it is kinda hard to tell the difference between a koi and a flounder because you can have koi flounders and flounder who are koi.