Rule Of Cuteness #25: Dangling Paws Are Cute.

“You all met Lady Kiri when going “From Rule #40 To Rule #50“. Here is a ‘Tocktober picture, too.
Kisses from Meyzieu (France.)” -Sylvio & Marjo.

[*Note- B-sides the definite Rule #25 as stated above, we’ll have a side order of ‘Rule #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute.’ -Ed.]

2014-10-11 23.05.12



  1. This guy is like a loaf of fat furred cuteness!

  2. What about that awesome cat bed/nest made of cardboard? – the best of both worlds!… also an excellent transition for a recovering boxaholic!

  3. Lady Kiri has a black belt in leg splay!

  4. I’m with Tina; what a clever idea to make a cat bed out of corrugated cardboard, since cats have already demonstrated a preference for that material. I’d expect it to be uncomfortable lying on the cut ends of a lot of corrugations, but cats carry their cushion around in the form of a fur coat, so maybe it’s comfy for them.

  5. grytlappar says:

    That’s a kickass scratching/cardboard bowl thingie! And a most decorative, darling kittycat. 🙂

  6. Her markings are so beautiful! 🙂

  7. Beautiful kitty!

  8. I’m cohabiting with my first tuxedo cat. A 7 year old female. I am amazed at the similarities and variations of the awesome coat patterns. Lady Kiri is rocking that all white leg. She’s a beauty.

  9. AWW 😀 Lady Kiri is one beautiful girl kitty 😀 I hope you both have many long and happy years with her, Sylvio & Marjo. 😀