Waiting For The Great Pumpkin

(PSSST: Anyone have the heart to tell ’em it’s NEXT Friday night and NOT tonight?)

“Loki and Lilly waiting for the Great Pumpkin. We raised both the pups and the pumpkins…the giant green bean in the middle is a snake gourd :)…photo by Leslie W.” -Phillip B.



  1. Great Picture!!

  2. What Nancy said!

  3. They are sooooooooooooo cute!

  4. AWWW they both have their own pumpkin. And a giant magic bean.

  5. These cuties don’t have to wait another week! They can come to my house a
    and I will give them treats (and nose hoops)!

  6. Uh boops, not hoops…darn auto correct!

  7. @amyliz: I’m glad you corrected that because I was about to tell you how much I disapprove of nose piercings for dogs! 😆

  8. Oh my gourd! I’ve never seen a snake gourd before! Yipes! Is it edible!? *eyes the stockpot* 😉