Another Serving Of Brother Cream!

Remember Brother Cream from August of last year? Cuteporter Tiffany (from Toronto) does! “I went to Hong Kong and dragged my husband across the city JUST to see Brother Cream because I saw him on Cute Overload! They were also selling pins so of COURSE I had to buy one! (Photos taken by me.) Love your site!”

brother cream




  1. Tiffany, did you bring back extra buttons to sell on CO? I’d totally buy one! Love Brother Cream.

  2. I have coffee, can I have Cream, please.

  3. He is just furry perfection

  4. No I didn’t even THINK of buying extra pins… I bought a couple for myself and it was hard to decide which ones! I was too excited to see Brother Cream to even think about anything =P

  5. AWW 😀 Brother Cream is one handsome boy kitty 😀

  6. I wonder if they would ship buttons to the states 😛 Such a zen kitty.