Bunday Morning Comix

Illustration by James Chapman as seen on 123Inspiration- if you missed Part I of this two part series, clickee here!



  1. nice

  2. In Malay (spoken in Malaysia), it’s “ngiau” or “miau”.

  3. I love the way this guy draws. I am officially a fan. ^_^

  4. So adorable!

  5. Here in Hungary the cats speak the same language as spanish cats do: MIAU

  6. There does appear to be more uniformity among noise approximations for cats than for other animals.

  7. @Erika, yeah, my Mom would say the cats are saying “liver” when they say “miau” 😀 Unfortunately, I know only a few words in Hungarian as my Mom was worried we would not learn to speak good English based on the way she was treated at school when she did not speak English 😦 (IDIOT Teacher)

  8. Oh, Polish kitties also speak Spanish. Or Hungarian 🙂

  9. @Teresa: first, I did not understand your comment. In the evening I read it out to my husband, who was wondering what I do not understand. He said, that cats DO say “liver”. Wha?! – I was replying, and he told me, that whenever a cat was meowing, his grandmother told that cat that: “do not look at me like that, you won’t get any “liver”.” (liver in hungarian sounds like “my”) And then he explained, that where he used to live, cats say “liver” (my) instead of miau. Now I learned something again thanks to CO. 🙂
    @jerzowa: 🙂

  10. @Erika, I think my Mom said the same thing to our farm cats like your husband’s grandmother did 😀