*Turn UP The Speaker Alert*

He squirms.
He squeaks.
He’s got a small warm furry belleh.
Crank the speakers. You know you want to.

Thank you to Michael S.



  1. For the love of Pete, will somebody get me out of this sock drawer?

  2. katrinab73 says:

    eye capsules!!

  3. I couldn’t tell if it was this baby squeaking or some other animal in the background. Looks like a cat, squirrel, wolf-lette hybrid – kind of cool and berry, berry cute.

  4. That is so cute it’s just not right. I can’t take that much cute.

  5. I had to look it up on Wikipedia: Ringtail cat is a member of the raccoon family. CO is educational!

  6. His little snoot reminds me of a Chihuahua, somehow…

  7. That much cuteness should be illegal

  8. He looks just like Dobby the house elf. Earsies!

  9. Socalgirly75 says:

    I don’t think the sveaking sound was being made by the little kitty…

  10. A real, live squeak toy!

  11. ded. small fuzzy creature, you have dedded me. how is that fair?

  12. OMG, I. WANT. IT !

  13. Way too cute!

  14. @allein, I think if his earses were a bit higher up on his head, he would BE a chihuahua. If that makes any sense. 🙂

  15. That wasn’t him squeaking because when u hear the sound his throat isn’t moving. But still absolutely adorable!!!

  16. Sharon Wilson says:

    WHY hasn’t CO had any ringtail posts before??

  17. That’s almost exactly the sound my rats make when one of them steals the other’s treat!

  18. I’m the volunteer at Wildlife Rehabilitation Northwest Tucson who took the video- thanks for featuring it on Cute Overload!! The squeak heard in the video is actually one of the birds that was in the room with it. The ringtail grew up and was transferred to an educational facility 🙂

    The center is entirely self-supported and run by Janet Miller, in her 80’s. I do fundraising for the facility through my blog and a yearly fundraiser. To help feed cute animals like this one, visit http://bit.ly/ZyohAS and make a donation!