The Ballad Of George And Ayleen

Don’t THINK this song was conceived as a duet. Guitarist and singer Ayleen O’Hanlon is desperately trying to perform her new song “Loverless.”

George The Cat will have none of that.

From Concord Paul & Barb, rockin’ the in-box once again.



  1. So THAT’s why guitar bodies are shaped like that — a place for kitties to nestle! And she’s clearly not loverless.

  2. Awwww, such a sweet, lovey cat! And he just KNOWS his hoomin wants nothing more than to have him in her face.

  3. I respect the show must go on -attitude displayed by artist. It must take a lot of willpower to just let such distractions go and keep going like nothing is happening.

  4. Stressfactor says:

    I agree annette — George clearly loves her dearly. George will allow no sad songs to be played while he’s around!

  5. That is just so wonderful! He clearly loves her very much.

  6. What a sweet kitty!

  7. Cutekotori says:

    This is so hilarious! My cat does the same thing, I wouldn’t mind the attention but why do cats get so needy right when you’re in the middle of something? For me its when im on the toilet or studying!

  8. Ayleen has such a beautiful voice! Fave part is when kitteh curls up at the end.
    Such a wonderful bond between hoomin and kitteh. ❤

  9. beautiful song made even more beautiful by the love of a kitteh. i would buy all the tickets to see this live!

  10. Loverless? Not while George McFlufferson is around!
    Kitteh loves his human very much, and will have none of that melancholy music from her!

  11. This kitteh has perfect timing

  12. Yes,cats are into everything.Just like my cat who chewed through my Iphone charger chord last night and the house almost caught on fire….

  13. Good heavens Trina.

  14. Trina, your cats an android fan obviously

  15. Awww, so glad I watched all the way to the end. What a sweet, lovey kitteh!

  16. Yes he’s an andriod fan!

  17. I love it that he tries to strum the guitar for her.

  18. AWW 😀 George The Cat wants his owner, Ayleen O’Hanlon, to play only happy songs 😀

  19. Awww George. He loves you and he loves that song. Sigh. ❤

  20. Aleena, you have a beautiful voice AND quite a talent of singing & playing your guitar with George plastered onto you!
    And I, too, especially love the end where George curls up in a ball on top of your guitar. Maybe he can be part of your act?

  21. Sorry, I misspelled your name, Ayleen!