Beckie, We’ll Have The ‘Tocks -N- Beans Combo Platter

Cuteporter Beckie M. has traveled far and wide to bring us these ‘Tocks. First up: “This Elk and his Bird Pal were in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado,” she says.

“And this is Henry, a polar bear cub in Australia. He was trying to get at the blue ball that’s caught in the log. Look at those Toe Beans!”




  1. These pix are just fabulous! Henry’s really rocking the toebeans!

  2. On pic #1, the Elk responds “Same thing we do every day, Bird; Try to take over the world!”

  3. My what fluffy elk “Tocks! My family always calls them “nelk,” as in, “Look! A nelk!”

  4. petless in Puddletown says: