Hi Guys, Meet Chloe THE WOMBAT

She’s (sad story alert) an orphan who just arrived at the Taronga Zoo. Take a look:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

From Sharon B-C (Western Australia) and Cindy.



  1. There are some really great Australians out there with fantastic jobs. I may have to move.

  2. Gah, what an adorable baby! So sorry to hear about her mum, though. : (

  3. I really really really want a wombat.

  4. @Debg: Me too. Perhaps we can share one?

  5. Totally serious—I was thinking about baby wombats just this morning! No, really! Thanks to CO for picking up that odd brainwave.

  6. What a happy face when she’s drinking her formula!

  7. They are much cuter with fur! Almost as cute as a rabbit yawning!

  8. Wombat ‘tocks alert at 0:21 mark! Why no ‘tocktober tag?

  9. Truly looks like a chubby adorable hooman baby but with really, really long scary nails.

  10. I want to go where the wombats live!

  11. I adore wombats!!!!!! Soooo chubby & adorbs. This little bebeh,Chloe,is definitely LOFFing the bottle & showing off her PINK belleh!!

  12. katrinab73 says:

    i. love. wombats.

  13. Berg, we can definitely share, as long as I get to hold it all the time!

  14. I never realized how much a baby wombat could look like a skwerl until seeing the 3rd pic.

  15. What a honey!

  16. @ffleur2 I’m with you! And you crack me up.