Seal Trolls Puppeh, Film At Eleven

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Blorpster mess with this puppeh’s head with a game of hide and seek, in the River Thames near Greenwich, South East London.



  1. No wonder they used to be known as “sea dogs…”

  2. Stressfactor says:

    “Come back here so I can bark at you!”

  3. “Loose seal! LOOSE SEAL!!”

  4. Where he go, Mom? Why he in all dat water?

  5. Wait, so there are seals in the Thames?! Is this something everyone else knew? How delightful!

  6. Erika in HB says:

    I bet given a little more time they’ll be BFFs.

  7. @Claire: They are members of Her Majesty’s Seal Service

  8. Seal is doing his version of “nyerne, nyerne, nyerne….you can’t catch me…”

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    I get the feeling around 1:30 that there is a mutual case of “Man, are you weird or what?” going on.

  10. @Claire…I didn’t know that, either! Puppeh seems both intrigued and confuzzled by the encounter! What a couple of cuties!

  11. I can’t figure out what that is they’re standing on, or in. There’s a raised metal “curb around the edges, and a “floor” on the inside, covered with several inches of water, and then the river on the outside. What the heck can that be; what is its purpose? Also, I’m amazed the Thames near London is clean enough for wildlife to enter it voluntarily. Good for England’s anti-pollution efforts.

  12. AWESOME video, just great!!!

  13. MIchael: I think maybe they’re on a boat ramp? Just a guess.

  14. baileysgrandmom says:

    @ Juno: LOOSE SEAL! Why cantcha be true? Ya dun started back doin’ the things you usta do!
    Or at least that’s the way I remember it, from back in the last century.

  15. Not to be a buzzkill, but isn’t dat seal trying to haul out onto the metal bar thing for a rest, not messing with the dog.

  16. Cath, thanks for the guess. Seems like the curb would keep the boat trailer from going far enough in the water for the boat to start to float, but it’s quite possible I don’t know how a boat ramp works, or that they work differently in England. Roxanne, I agree. We’ve seen over and over that seal pups get tired and want to haul out — onto the front of kayaks, memorably. That’s probably what was happening here, and I hope the little fella found another place to rest.

  17. Baileysgrandmom, you almost got me; after reading your post, I remembered it Lucille also. Unfortunately it was Maybellene (by Chuck Berry) who “done started doin’ the things you used to do.” There WAS a Lucille (by Little Richard), but the quote for her would be “Loose seal, please, come back where you belong.” Which works too.

  18. … (second thought) or we could go with Kenny Rogers. “You picked a fine time to leave me, Loose Seal.”