It’s The Bunday Super Bowl Down Undah

Kinda sorta. Today the South Sydney Rabbitohs (the team that Russell Crowe owns) play the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the Australian Rugby League Grand Final, the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Got that, mate? And it’s starting right now- 1:15am PT (YAWN) = 7:15pm at ANZ Stadium, NSW.

UPDATE! The Rabbitohs won!

Frankie Rabbitoh
Sender-Inner Jamie S. says, “They haven’t made it to the Grand Final since ’71 (it’s been 43 years!) so it’s kind of a big deal for the team and all of the supporters here in Australia. Our Bun Frankie wants everyone to know he’s the Rabbitohs’ #1 fan!”

“Frank was featured on your site a couple of months ago for the 4th of July; he was our Foster Bun back then, but we have since adopted him :). Here’s a bonus photo of Frankie’s ‘Tocks for your ‘Tocktoberfest!”

Frankie tocks
[*Note- If you don’t know anything about rugby- like me- it’s totally incomprehensible. But BUNS, I know. -Ed.]



  1. i’m dyiiiing this is so cuuute

  2. I’ll cheer for a team named for a rabbit- Go Rabbitohs! Glad Frankie got a home. Cute bunneh tocks and just want to rub thoses fuzzy toe beans.

  3. Frank looks absolutely scrum-tious in his red and green.

  4. Check out the giant thumper bumpers on that bun!

  5. Oakley!! Scrum-tious comment! You win!

  6. Frankie is 6 pounds of sweetheart, and he’s now our lucky bunny since he helped the Rabbitohs win the Grand Final!!! Go Rabbitohs!!!

  7. @Kelly: “THUMPER BUMPERS?” Fantastic. Tell me more. Where’d that term come from?

  8. @Brinke – thanks! Just came to me whilst looking at those giant furry gams. I had a bun once (named “Stew” – not my call) and he loved to thump noisily on the hardwood floor.

  9. I had no idea buns cover their beans in velvet. So tempting.

  10. Paul Krenske says:

    The name Rabbitohs is actually not so nice for rabbits. In Aus rabbits are feral pests and it was normal for people in poor areas to eat culled rabbits in fairly large numbers purchased from Street vendors of rabbits referred to as Rabbitohs. South Sydney, the area the team is from, was one of these poor areas and a insult from other teams fans was to call them Rabbitohs indicating they were poor or didn’t have jobs.

    With a normal Australian attitude the team adopted the insult. And recently they have started to be called the rabbits occasionally by certain commentators who simply can’t remember their name correctly.