Hoppy BUN-O-Ween

BunBun is ready for a Hoppy BUN-O-WEEN. BB, still got several weeks to go, my friend. But good idea to plan ahead. Who’s your friend there? Image from Natalie W.


  1. Ohhhh, adorable!!! All BunBun needs is a little pumpkin stalk hat and then they’ll be indistinguishable!!:)

  2. too too cute. What kind of bun is BunBun? beautiful coloring

  3. That is so clever. As cute as the bunpkin is, I’ll take the one on the right, I just want to hug him.

  4. Yes, officer, it’s definitely the one on the right who is so cute that it SHOULD be a crime! 😉

  5. I squealed 😀 just what my day needed!

  6. They are both so cute! 🙂

  7. Matchingks!! I want a bunch of these for my house 🙂

  8. How clever and adorable!

  9. If anyone needs me, I have been keeled. Matching toasted marshmallow buns!

  10. very good craftwork bunbun