A ‘Tocktober Caturday In The 925

Ah the first Caturday of ‘Tocktober in the 925. (Area Code 925 that is, domicile of Concord Barb & Paul.) What/Who have we here, P&B? “Hello Cutologists! It’s that time of year (our fave) and we had a little pic of our Siamese, Babine, that we thought fit the theme of the month. It is, in our humble opinion(s) a fine display of Siamese ‘Tocks’ and maybe even “Sphincter ‘Tocks’ (…)”

OK then.



  1. Beautiful markings on a slender girl. Even her tocks are elegantly displayed sphincter and all. Lol

  2. jlamusings says:

    complemented with a nice bouquet of toebeans from all 4 feet! 🙂

  3. Rhonda B. says:

    Siamese cats are beautiful. 🙂

  4. Yes Rhonda B. they are. jlammusings you are very observant and I too Love a good toebean and jelly display

  5. Faye, I’ve never seen the phrase “elegantly displayed sphincter”.

  6. Beautiful paw bouquet.

  7. Joydox, me neither lol. That’s what happens when you go on CO before coffee. Will not continue with other thoughts…

  8. Now that I read my post again I can see what missing punctuation leads to!!

  9. Faye, I’ve been giggled all morning. I fully support your posting pre-coffee.

  10. Okay, not I just saw what I posted. I giggled all morning. Now it might be time for a nap.

  11. Siamese are so elegant but sorry, spincters are not elegant. Except on certain websites that we don’t need to include here.

  12. Good grief – Kar, lighten up. Its a cat (and a beautiful and cute one at that). If you don’t let your mind drift to the gutter, it won’t.

  13. I never even typed the word before. I vote we call it “the area that shall not be typed out before coffee, or after for that matter”. No offense meant. Only giggles intended.

  14. All I have to say is…pretty kitty who looks very comfy! 🙂

  15. No Kimberly, they’re not cute. kitty is cute but sphincter humor, is apparently an acquired taste.

  16. Hmmmm …. the world has become an even more bizarre place today, when a benign, loving and compassionate website like CuteOverload displays a photo of an obviously loved Siamese, and someone takes the time out of their day to object to the fact that this sweet animal’s “sphincter” is showing, and gets all huffy about the “appropriateness” of the same. With Ebola, and beheadings and shootings and war, and all the hideousness going on in the world right now, CuteOverload and ALL its posts bring a much-needed breath of relief from despair. How on earth does anyone make the time to stress out about this? Priorities, people. More sphincters please! Perhaps a category entitled “Tocks, Toebeans and Sphincters!” This is for fun, and there is no harm in it.

  17. Faye, my gift to you {,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,}. Feel free to use them in future posts.;)

    Kar, It wasn’t sphincter humor at all. Punctuation, or lack there of, can easily change the meaning of a sentence.

  18. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitty, Babine, Barb and Paul 😀

  19. Well, I happen to believe Miss Babine’s sphincter is rather elegantly displayed (no mean feat, that, as sphincters are not, per se, elegant or cute – at least not in my book). Then again, much like roses and thorns, one can’t often find lovely feline tocks without them.

  20. Umm, cat’s hoomin used the word first, and then editor used their vocabulary and posted a quote. Even Simon, draws one on Simon’s Cat, a fave on CO. Thank you, Joydox, seven used, so far. Glad some understood the humor that came about, unintentionally, from the absence of one teeny, tiny, unused “,”. Everything about the cat is elegant, I’m sure we can all agree. I say, again, no offense intended! (I count 15!)

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Nope, it’s actually the opposite: everyone starts out finding it funny, and some people grow out of it. And frankly, I don’t see how you can love animals without being more butt-tolerant. 😉

    a guy with “booby” in his name

  22. @BlueFootedBooby. Agreed. And thank you. I love my pets “from nose to toes and all”.

  23. I think Kar must have a stick up her sphincter…perhaps that’s why she’s acting so butt-hurt. 😉

  24. I promise to be more sphincter retentive about my use of punctuation.

  25. Barb and Paul says:

    Could this be the first case of “sphincter-gate” on CuteOverload? MyOhMy! (Giggles Galore) Babine is looking at me right now, saying “Whatever …” ‘Cuz that’s how Babine rolls!

  26. Oh gosh @barbandpaul. Giggling again.

  27. Cheryl Brusuelas says:

    So sweet and I am in tears. This pic was such a shock. She looks exactly like my little “girl” Louie. She passed in her sleep last Tuesday, Sept. 30. She was 15 years old and lived a long happy life.

  28. cherylzblahg says:

    She is beautiful and I am in tears. She looks exactly like my little “girl” Louie who passed in her sleep this past Tuesday, Sept. 30. She was 15 years old and lived a long, happy life. She was perfect.

  29. Barb and Paul says:

    So sorry you lost your sweet kitty Cheryl, and sorry for the tears! We got Babine from a lady who was trying to raise and sell cats from the bathroom of her apartment (…) Long story. Babine was about 5 weeks old, and absolutely infected with Ringworm when we got her, and she gave it to all of us (of course), but we survived. Many stories about this feisty kitty. Now she is fat, sassy, and smart as heck – and we love her. Her favorite place to sleep is in the crook of my arm (Barb). I hope you find another kitty to help heal the hurt in your heart.

  30. Cheryl, I cried over the shock of finding a favorite little t-shirt that my recently departed 14 year old chihuahua wore. I understand your reaction.