We Have An Open Door Policy Here

It’s just that a certain little someone can’t seem to get with the program.



  1. Most bizarre offscreen laugh EVER.

  2. The laugh was distracting. Very distracting and took away the cuteness that was happening. This is why I appreciate the silence that is Maru’s videos. Let the cuteness speak for itself.

  3. I thought maybe that was the Cat off to the side laughing at doggeh. I would be cracking up as well. 😀

  4. Something tells me puppers has run into the closed door before and doesn’t want to repeat that mistake.

  5. Doggeh is simply showing his superior intelligence by not falling for the old “come right on in even though the door is actually closed, you nitwit” trick. He should be praised, not laughed at. However, I admit to a few (okay, quite a few) chuckles when watching the video. 🙂

  6. Puppers says: I have a low threshold for panes, so I want to make sure that glass thing is outta the way before I come in.

  7. That is a little doggeh who has had one too many “run-ins” with a closed door. It was very funny when the hoomin made the gesture as if he was opening the door and then the little sweetie pie knew he could come in.

  8. Cutie- saw this on Inside Edition the other day. @pcass I turn my speakers off unless CO says to turn up your speakers for this one.

  9. Little does the family know that poor pup
    Was bit by a vampire and now you have
    to “invite” him in…..

  10. I really laughed. The man did a perfect door opening simulation. The two of them brightened my day.

  11. I watched this a couple of times and laughed out loud. I was going to send a link to the YouTube video to a friend but I didn’t. It was amazing how many negative remarks some people had made. I’m so glad this doesn’t happen on Cuteoverload. (I’ll get off my high horse now.)

  12. Hilarious (laugh and all). Methinks this poor puppy not only had too many run-ins with the closed door, but may have konked in noggin a little too hard.

  13. I laughed as loud as the woman in the video — this is priceless!