T-Minus Three Days To Go…

…’til one of C.O.’s biggest days of the year- ‘Tocktober First! Twenty-four hours of ‘Tocktastic, er, ‘Tocks. And who do we have here on Bunday, BTW? “This is our Mini Rex Eddie, showing one of his best sides. His human sister is 11 year old Sarah. He also has a MinPin dog brother named Bob, a Siberian cat sister named Elsa, and two Gerbil sisters named Goldie and CoCo.” -Katrin J., Bradenton, FL.



  1. Squeee! Cotton tail puff. ❤

  2. I’ve had 2 female Mini Rexes and a male Rex. I’m partial to them because their fur is so soft, they have short curly whiskers and their coats can be spotted. Eddie is the same color as my Honey Bunny was.

  3. My family doesn’t understand my excitement for ‘tocktober. I pity them…

  4. Toctober first is my birthday. 🙂

  5. Oops, spelled ‘tocktober wrong. Sorry. 😦

  6. Love that fluffy powder puff tail! Eddie is a handsome fellow!

  7. @allein: you can spell ‘tocktober any way you want. Why? Because ‘tocktober 1st is your birthday that’s why!
    Happy (early) Birthday allein! 🙂

  8. I love his coloring – he’s a giant Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Bellies jelly bean!

    Happy early birthday, allein!

  9. Tock to me!

  10. The second pic got me, it had both the fluffy tail puff AND curled up fluffy paws! 🙂

  11. GAH, the fluffytailness!!

  12. Bunny girl says:

    We like big buns and we cannot lie. When an itty bitty bun and a big fluffy tail poses for pics, we go squeeee!