Disc-inclined to Help

Do we have Carmine “Bossa” Nova’s 1963 recording of Mellow Moods for Modern Muchachos? Yeah, I think that’s in storage downstairs, I could get up and… actually no, we don’t have that.

How about Death, Death, Pancakes, and Death by Sçhrëêçhår? Well, we got a big shipment of metal last week, so it’s probably in one of the boxes in… on second thought, no it isn’t.

Drowning in Ecstatic Sorrow by Lorelei Whistenbleen? I think that’s… Actually, you know what? We don’t sell records here. We’re just, um, a front for organized crime. Yeah. Probably want to leave before you get whacked.


According to Reddit, this is Love Garden in Lawrence, Kansas.



  1. What a smug smile on that kitty.

  2. So comfy! That’s the perfect spot for a kitteh.

  3. He’s probably chillin’ in the jazz section.

  4. It would be nice to see a series on shop cats from different places, minding the store, sleeping. . .being lazii

  5. Let’s see…. Cat Stevens, Cat Powers, The Stray Cats, The Pussy Cat Dolls…. Yup, I’m in the right section!

  6. Really a cute cat to have! 🙂 I also find my cat amusing, as she always finds a very odd place to “chill” 🙂 Last time, we had a hard time finding our cat and we found her inside our cupboard sleeping :))

  7. I have met this kitty, and he’s lovely.

  8. whatthelump says:

    A front for organized crime! ROFL, I thought all the fantastic names would do me in, but I spewed my tea at that. Gotta visit this shop though, I’ll gladly be muscle for this fella 🙂

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I want to listen to Sçhrëêçhår. I’m imagining a half dozen cassowaries running around in a room full of percussion instruments and angry Swedes.

  10. The stripes! The smile! The folded paws! The furry belleh! The modesty tailio! I think it’s safe to say that I have never before in my life wanted so badly to be in Lawrence, Kansas.

  11. Love Garden had a resident kitteh when I went to school at K.U. in 1994. Glad to see the tradition continues!

  12. i’d like to second em d. a series of shop cats (or dogs, birds, whathaveyou) would be fantastic 🙂

  13. I can’t decide which of those album names I love best! You rock my world, NOMTOM!

  14. AWW 😀 I would be too busy snorgling that kitty’s belly to buy anything 😀

  15. AH yes! Kitties on Mass Street! I’m a Lawrence person!