Someone Needs Their Afternoon Nap

Just cuddle up with your pink stuffed bunneh, and it’s time to go OFFLINE. Seeya on #Caturday, lil’ friend.




  1. I’m going to catnap. Right now!
    Maybe… just maybe I’ll meet this kitteh in dreamland. 🐱

  2. I have had a really bad week but watching this video reminds me that life is good and adorable animals make it even better!

  3. 0:18! Daww…

  4. @amyliz…I’m very sorry you had such a bad week. Sending you some hugs, and hope you have a peaceful weekend. ❤
    As for this kitteh and the stuffed bun, they make me melt.

  5. If only all of life could be as sweet. 🙂

  6. AWW 😀 How sweet 😀 Sweet dreams, dear sweet kitty 😀