Simon Cowell* Saves Bebeh Swan!

[Quick overview- a Bebeh Swan is stuck in a fence- they do show this- but the rescue is amazingly Cute. Just letting you know. -Ed.]

A fellow named Simon Cowell* (not THAT one- this one is a nice guy whoops, “chap”) happens to be director of the Wildlife Aid Foundation in Surrey, UK. He got a call during dinner about the Bebeh Swan being stuck and all, so he drove right over to help out. The fence wasn’t the ONLY problem he had. And just wait ’til the Swan ‘Tocks Waggle at the end.

22 Words.



  1. What a lovely man … and lucky swan family.

  2. So many wonderful MoCO in the world. Makes me smile.

    I’ve never been assaulted by a swan, but I have been by a goose. They don’t mess around!

  3. Two males of different species making sure all turned out ok. A wonderful sight to see.

  4. What a wonderful man!!! So calm and cool. ❤

  5. I think that guy got off easy! A blow from a swan wing can break bones.

    The parent swan falling backwards off the dock was pretty funny though. 🙂

  6. Brave man! He has obvious experience with pissed off swans. So calm through it all. Great job!

  7. He’s so calm and brave. A hissing, angry, protective cob is no joke at all. But the behbeh is all right and that’s what matters.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That attack seemed kind of half-hearted, like she knew the guy was trying to help but couldn’t quite stop herself.

    It’s like that cat macro: “I want you to pet me, but I also kinda want to bite you.”

  9. OMG, I just went and watched a whole bunch of this guy’s videos. They’re really quite amazing. The animals are cute/sad, and Cowell always maintains that same laid back, very concerned manner.

  10. Fleurdamour says:

    Sandford’s Most Wanted

  11. And on off days he does stand-up. Your fence and my body….

  12. I love his calm at telling the mama swan ‘don’t be silly” as she’s trying to whack him away from her baby.

  13. I’ve been following this rescue for a while and this guy’s amazing! He’s handled things even more vicious than a swan, and stays calm. Wonderful work!

  14. That man is perfect for what he does-calm, cool & collected, and has a huge amount of common sense. A problem-solver!

  15. Makes you just feel good to watch this video and see the baby swan join his family again! This is man is my hero!!!

  16. I like at the end when one swan shakes its tail and the other one hangs its head. I know I’m anthropomorphising here but it’s like it’s showing it’s sorry

  17. Thank you!!!!!!!!