Chauncey And Priscilla

CutePorter Amy J. sent us this Prosh Pair O’Pups! “I would like to introduce Sir Chauncey Billups. He was born in April 2011 and a wonderful companion. Chauncey enjoys lounging, eating, and ear scratching.”

“He has a new girlfriend, Priscilla Presley. We adopted Priscilla during the worst storm in Michigan last winter.”

“She was originally found on the mean streets of Detroit when she was about 3 months old.”

“She enjoys Chauncey, bouncing like Tigger, running, and belly rubs.”

(Multiple Rules here, too- #95, #28, and #27, for sure.




  1. AWWW….what cutie pies!!!

  2. Perfect match!

  3. omg they are too cute! Love love love bassets, these two are killing me with their adorbs-ness!

  4. I would steal them if I lived in MI! They are so adorable I can’t handle it!

  5. I ❤ bassets

  6. Dumbo ears! So sweet!

  7. I know its just the way they’re made..but I have to keep reminding myself that they’re not sad

  8. Ruby Arcinieg says:

    OMG! I. Totally LOVE bassets & these two are just over the top! ADORBS!!!!!!!!

  9. Bassets are lovely dogs.. Do read the British “Fred Basset” comics by Alex Graham – dead on!